This first collection of products is pretty special to us. Beauty staples that we always have in our purses, vehicles, bathroom drawers, (probably other places we're forgetting to mention).
All of these products are powered by workhorse ingredients that are clean, benefit-rich, and take all of the guesswork out of reading labels, because we made them. And that's why Taylered2U exists.
To eliminate the guessing game and help others navigate labels and understand the power behind the ingredients in the products we use. We hope you love them like we do.

regenerative facial toner

This little priming number will help aid in hyperpigmentation and pore reduction after cleansing your face. It will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated, allowing for moisture to absorb into your skin. Our special formula includes a naturally exfoliating complex, loaded with vitamins A, B & C which instantly adds radiance to the skin. T2U toner can reduce inflammation, help aid in the reduction of acne and support collagen production; all resulting in firmer skin and a youthful glow. . . Size: 6oz

$ 50.00 USD
suggested use:

Use prior to moisturizing to provide nutrients to the skin, promoting a youthful glow.

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facial cleanser

A mild blend of sucrose cleansing agents, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E, are the key workhorse ingredients in this gel 2 milky serum; providing an effective and gentle wash. Not only is it incredibly hydrating, but it leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. . . Size: 8 oz

$ 48.00 USD
suggested use:

Wet the face and gently apply directly in a circular motion. then, rinse!

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body butter

Containing a creamy blend of rich butters that offer moisturizing and firming qualities, this T2U body butter helps restore, replenish and hydrate. The synergy of the coconut derived oils and vitamin E leave you feeling velvety soft, head-to-toe. . . Size: 4 oz

$ 30.00 USD
suggested use:

Apply generously to dry areas, rub in until no longer visible.

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body oil

Our deeply moisturizing body oil is the perfect addition to your shower lineup. After washing your body & shaving normally in the shower, apply the oil to wet skin. The coconut oil blend will gently soothe and moisturize your skin post-shave; and the irresistible selection of scents will have you feeling oh-so yummy. Choose vanilla/coconut/almond to match your body butter, vanilla-mint to match your cleanser, or juicy watermelon for the classic t2u oil scent. Rinse off the oil & towel dry your now baby-soft, perfectly hydrated, ever-so-smooth skin! . . Size: 2 fl oz.

$ 10.00 USD
suggested use:

After showering & shaving normally, apply the oil to wet skin. Rinse off & towel dry!

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taylered2U Box

Transform your daily routine into a radiant ritual with the Taylered2u Radiant Glow Box—a curated collection designed to pamper your skin from sunrise to sunset. This box isn't just a collection; it's a symphony of self-care. Elevate your beauty ritual and glow from within with the Taylered2u Radiant Glow Box—because your skin deserves the best

$ 128.00 USD
$ 138.00 USD
suggested use:

Refer to each products specific usage instructions for a lasting youthful glow.

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