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t2u testimonials

“I honestly love the consistency of the product (T2U facial cleanser), it's easy to grab the exact amount you want. Last night I got home and had a full face of makeup on, usually I'd wipe it off before cleansing but I grabbed a bit of T2U cleanser and every bit of makeup came off. I was thrillled.”

Dacey J

facial cleanser

“Tayler I have to rave on your facial cleanser and toner. If you see my wedding photos, my face was broke out very badly. Just two days of using your stuff and look at it! Legit clearing up and nothing seemed to work on it before, because my face is so sensitive.”

Katie M

facial cleanser, facial toner, & body butter

“I love the texture and smell so far 😍 Also I'm really happy that you put the ingredient list in there, great idea!”

Abby E

body butter

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